Rhode Island Set to Legalize Partial Birth Abortions

Update: This bill appears to have stalled, but is expected to hit the floor again in the near future.

LET THEM LIVE – Tomorrow on January 30th, the Rhode Island legislature will be having a vote on whether to legalize abortion up to birth in the euphemistically named “Reproductive Health Care Act.” The legislation is a radical pro-abortion bill that completely dehumanizes the unborn and would make Rhode Island the 11th state to pass a law allowing abortion up to birth, just days after New York became the 10th.

The contents of the bill are sickening and allow more harm and damage to be done to women. The bill repeals many statutes that criminalize doing harm to an unborn baby or even accidentally killing a woman during an abortion. The new law would make it legal to intentionally or unintentionally kill an unborn child in the womb whether a mother wanted to keep her child or not. For example, if a man assaults a pregnant woman and kills her child, then he could not be held accountable for the murder of the child.

The bill also lifts protections on the mother. It would eliminate the statute of prosecuting any physician who performs an abortion and kills the mother as a result. To make things even worse, the new bill would allow for physicians to perform a partial birth abortion, a practice that Rhode Island refers to as “an abortion in which the person performing the abortion vaginally delivers a living human fetus before killing the infant and completing the delivery.”

In essence, the physician would deliver the fetus half way and kill it before completing the abortion. Partial birth abortions are a complete disregard for human life and is unquestionably murder at this point. The child isn’t even in the womb but is moving through the vaginal canal. The way that Rhode Island got around this blatant murder is that the bill also eliminates a previous statute (§11-3-4 Construction and application of section 11-3-1) that declared life begins at conception. The Reproductive Healthcare Act intentionally left out a definition as to when life begins, as a way to permit the government-sanctioned murder of the unborn during all stages of pregnancy, including up to the day of birth.

The Democrats voting on this bill tomorrow are highly radical and way outside the comfort zone of what most Americans would allow on abortion. In fact, in a recent Marist Poll, pollsters found that the overwhelming majority of Americans support restrictions on abortion. 75% of adults said that abortion should be at the very most, limited to the first 3 months with the plurality of 28% saying that abortion should only be limited to cases of rape and incest. Of the 75% of adults, 96% of pro-lifers and 61% of pro-choicers agreed that abortion should, at max, be limited to the first 3 months.


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