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Open Letter To President Donald Trump: Appeal To Ban All Abortions


Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish in the way, for his wrath is quickly kindled. Blessed are all who take refuge in him.Psalm 2:12

Dear Mr. President,

I thank you greatly for your service to our nation. God ordained you to be a minister of justice and we are indebted to you for your service to our country.

I thank you for your announcement that you will appeal to Congress to ban late-term abortions. Truly, you have brought some semblance of common sense to this nation. It seems that many are pursuing an America that stomps the necks of innocent babies to satisfy unrestrained blood lust. I thank you for standing against it.

May I make one suggestion? Could we stand against all abortions? I mean that sincerely. All abortions are murder in the eyes of God. All abortions are the violent desecration of God’s image. God hears the screams and cries of every baby in the womb (Exodus 21:22-25, Psalm 139).

As a minister of the Lord, you do not bear the sword of justice in vain (Romans 13:1-7). Your role before God, Mr. President, is to defend the weak and punish evildoers. Let me ask: What is the difference between the 1-week-old unborn baby — who is completely innocent — and the 9-month-old unborn baby? Neither has committed a trespass — neither against God or man — and both are categorically weak. They have done nothing to deserve the death penalty and are in need of our protection.

President Trump, While I appreciate your service to our country, I truly hope that you will turn from your sins and truly trust in Christ. He is the rightful King of all the earth and you owe Him your tribute. Protect the weak and punish the evil doers. Do not flip that order.

Turn to Christ and live.

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Your humble citizen and fellow countryman,

Robert Nelsen

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