Nebraska Set to Criminalize Biblical Teaching on Sexuality and Marriage

Dear Christian Friends in Nebraska,

Karen Bowling, Nebraska Family Alliance Executive Director, recently sent out the following letter:

“On Thursday, February 7th the Judiciary Committee will hear arguments on two bills that would criminalize the Biblical teaching on marriage and human sexuality as fraud and child abuse.

LB 167 prohibits licensed counselors from providing talk therapy on sexual-orientation or gender identity change efforts to adults, and LB 168 classifies this type of counseling as child abuse for minors.

Simply talking with a counselor or pastor about feelings, experiences, and relationships that may change or diminish same-sex attraction or gender identity perception would be illegal.

Anyone who knowingly exposes a child to this type of talk therapy would be guilty of child abuse. Parents and guardians who place a child in a church program or school that adheres to a Biblical view of sexuality and code of conduct would warrant felony prosecution.

These bills violate the free speech and religious freedom rights of counselors and their patients. Even more concerning, they threaten to shut down any church, school, or religious organization that provide counseling services.

At the heart of the Gospel is the idea that people can change and be reborn in Christ. Tragically, LB 167 and 168 not only tell people they can’t change, but that the government won’t let them.

State senators need to be reminded that government should protect the right of individuals to practice their faith, not criminalize it.”

For Family, Freedom, & Life,

Karen Bowling
Nebraska Family Alliance Executive Director

TAKE ACTION TODAY! Encourage Judiciary Committee Members to Vote NO on LB 167 & 168. Now is the time senators need to hear from you by 5 PM on Wednesday, February 6th!

We are asking Pastors and Christian ministry leaders to submit letters of opposition for LB 167 and 168.

The letters can be short, but must include the following: your name, address, statement that you oppose LB 167 and LB 168, and statement requesting your letter be included as part of the public hearing record

Letters must be received by the Judiciary Committee Chair, Senator Steve Lathrop, at by 5 PM on Wednesday, February 6th. To include Bill Sponsor Senator Megan Hunt, add her email address

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