Southern Baptist Entity Head Continues His Push to Unite Evangelicals With Roman Catholicism


Russell Moore is indeed a peculiar character in the Evangelical world. Moore, the head of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission has made great strides in undoing the Protestant Reformation and deemphasizing the importance of doctrinal clarity resulting in a superficial ecumenical unity among professing Christians who are more joined together around political causes than around Biblical truth.

Russell Moore has a particular affinity for the pope and the Roman Catholic church, even joining with Rick Warren to visit the Vatican to speak at a marriage conference, says he doesn’t want to see any less Rosary beads at the March for Life, and has stated that he’s unsure of the difference between his and the pope’s gospel focus. He’s even referred to himself as a uniter of Protestants and Rome.

Recently, Moore favorably tweeted a well-known Roman Catholic on Twitter who put out a video encouraging parents to take their children to the idolatrous Catholic Mass.

The video referenced can be seen below:

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