Church Turns Worship Service Into Superbowl Celebration


Crossroads Church of Lexington lead by Mark Stetcher held a Superbowl celebration this past Sunday morning in lieu of a reverent, God-honoring worship service.

What does a biblical church do on Sunday mornings? The local church is a gathering of Christians who come together regularly to lift up the name of Christ, teach and preach the Word of God, and are exhorted to go out into the world and make disciples. But Crossroads church had a different plan of action. Instead, they decided to come together to lift up the name of American idolatry — NFL Football — and preach, teach, and exegete the game.

“We got jambalaya getting cooked out in front, we got a pig roast, pulled pork sandwiches,” Mark Stetcher, senior pastor said, wearing a red football jersey, “we got our own commercials, we got a band going wild at half-time.”

Superbowl Sunday is one of the lowest attended church Sundays of the year, which is why this church wanted to perform this debacle. Perhaps it never crossed his mind that the reason people don’t show up for his church service on Superbowl Sunday is because they aren’t actually converted — maybe he needs to preach the gospel and actually exhort them to repent. Anyone who finds more joy in sports than they do in Christ and hearing Him preached is the exact opposite of a Christian — they are a Pagan.

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