Franklin Graham Calls on Pagan Church to Excommunicate Pagan

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In the wake of the horrific legislation recently passed in New York allowing infanticide up until birth, the Reverend Franklin Graham has called on Cardinal Dolan, Roman Catholic archbishop of New York to excommunicate Governor Michael Cuomo.

“I call on my friend @CardinalDolan to take a moral stand,” Graham says, “whether it moves the governor’s calloused heart or not, it will have a great impact on not only the church in New York, but on the church worldwide. “

It’s interesting that Graham would ask a Pagan institution to remove Pagans from their midst–this is just an example of Satan casting out Satan (Matthew 12:26). What Michael Cuomo needs isn’t removal from a system he’s deeply embedded in, he needs the gospel. Doesn’t Graham know this? His excommunication from the Roman Catholic Church is not going to change his heart.

Of course, that isn’t Graham’s concern, he says, “it’s about standing for right over wrong, good over evil.”

I hate abortion! I hate it with a passion. I hate this law that was recently passed and the subsequent bills in other states looking to follow suit. Abortion is not only murder, it’s a direct assault against the image of God and the civil government instituted by God should hold all perpetrators accountable. One doesn’t go to an abortion clinic to “have an abortion,” they go to “commit an abortion.”

But what I hate worse than abortion is the fact that so many people are dying in their sin and they aren’t hearing the gospel. This moral therapeutic deism that so many, like Graham, are ascribing to is apostasy. Yes, we should stand up and oppose abortion, but we should be fighting it first and foremost with the most powerful weapon God has given us–the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Michael Cuomo doesn’t need excommunication, he needs the gospel–and so does the Catholic bishop that Graham is calling on to excommunicate.

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