Todd White Promises All Sexually Transmitted Diseases Will Be Healed at Awaken the Dawn

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Editor’s Note: Todd White is a fake “faith healer,” a fraud, and a perpetrator of a false gospel. White has made dubious claims about nonsensical body transformations, such as lengthening legs, and various other parlor tricks. But he’s also made brazen claims about God, the Bible, and the gospel as well. He is an idolater and a blasphemer. I would invite you to read more about him here.

Todd White told everyone at Awaken the Dawn that he’ll be judged for the words he speaks on the microphone. Despite his claim to knowing that, he promised everyone that they’d be healed of any sexually transmitted disease they may have.

Todd White has been going around telling people that everyone he prays for is getting healed. That’s easily debunked here.

Full message can be found here.

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