Another PCA Church Succumbs to Sexual Revolution, Hosts Openly Gay Revoice Leaders

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Nate Collins, founder of Revoice

It was a big deal last year when a PCA church hosted a group of people who identified as “gay Christians” (something that doesn’t exist). The event drew criticism nationwide from conservative evangelicals yet, even though actual Christians carried nothing but disdain for the event that promoted the acceptance of various forms of sexual deviancy, there were nonetheless Southern Baptists who joined the chorus in endorsing the event as well.

The Revoice openly promotes homosexuality and transgenderism, rebranding it as “sexual minority,” and promoting the idea that those who have been given over to their depraved minds can still “flourish in the church” like anyone else.

Revoice founder, Nate Collins, advocates for a redefinition of “sexual orientation” to mean something other than “sexual orientation.” In other words, he believes that men can be intimate with each other in ways that are not sexual, which would be sinful. Of course, this claim is ludicrous. The desire for a man to be intimate with another man is, in and of itself, unnatural and sexual in nature and doesn’t just lead to illicit behavior. It is illicit, effeminate behavior. Let’s just be real, Nate Collins simply looks, acts, and talks like an effeminate homosexual–that should be enough for a bible-believing church to avoid him.

Now, Grace Church in Seattle, a PCA church, hosted these openly gay advocates for unbiblical sexual immorality in their church this past Weekend, even allowing gay founder, Nate Collins in the pulpit on Sunday morning.


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