Kenneth Copeland Demands “Wicked Spirits Stop Working Against Our Nation”


Kenneth Copeland is a popular charismatic preacher that makes outrageous claims, such as being able to talk to tornadoes and rebuke them. A protégé of Kenneth Hagin, who claims Jesus appeared to him and told him about all the “wicked spirits” driving the leaders in this world, now claims he has a revelation from God telling him to put a stop to it–to command those “wicked spirits” away.

We are going to now speak to the spirit of strife over this nation. It is stopping! It is stopping! I am commanding it to stop! And I have an unction on me about this. I just sense that it’s the word of the Lord Himself that is pointing His finger and saying, “Stop it right now! Stop this business right now!”

In the Name of Jesus we speak to the spirit of strife in Jesus’ Name. I command you to stop it right now! You stop this! I command you in the Name above every name. You stop this fighting! You stop this bickering! And you get focused on the deliverance of this nation. You get focused on the new birth of this nation. You get focused on the outpouring of the Holy Spirit over this nation, and you stop it right now. The division between the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and within the Republican Party, I say, “Stop in the Name of Jesus!”

Of course, these charismatics have been commanding these wicked spirits to go away “in Jesus’ name” for decades. Apparently, whatever “Jesus” they’re summoning isn’t making it happen. This world is still wicked, men still rebel against God, and it’s getting worse.

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Copeland retells how Jesus “spoke” to Kenneth Hagin and told him how to “bind” them–them who are trying to destroy the Democratic and Republican parties.

The Lord Jesus said to Brother Hagin, “You take authority over those rulers of the darkness of this world, and I’ll take care of the wicked spirits in the heavenlies.” Lord Jesus, we have bound the rulers of the darkness—these strife rulers attempting to destroy the United States of America, attempting to destroy the Democratic Party and the Republican Party and everything else that we’re involved in. We have bound them in Your blood, and in Your Name.

Yet, apparently, according to Copeland, it’s our fault these wicked spirits are here.

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We have allowed wicked spirits in heavenly places to function in this nation when we never should have put up with it—it’s the Church that’s to blame for it.

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The problem with people like Copeland is their obsession with “spirits.” Not only are they obsessed with the Holy Spirit–which is unbiblical as the Holy Spirit always points to Christ–they are also obsessed with evil spirits. It’s always “evil spirits” that are to blame for all of society’s problems, as if man just isn’t wicked enough.

But the Bible teaches that it is sinful man who is to blame for our problems. Romans 1clearly teaches that it is man who rebelled against God and it is man who is under the curse of the fall and judgment of God. Charismatics deny this important biblical truth–total depravity. They see man as basically good and in constant battle with evil. But the opposite is true, it is fallen man and spirit both who are in constant battle with God.

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The only answer to wickedness is the gospel of Jesus Christ–and Kenneth Copeland does not have it. He is part of the problem.

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