Instead of Worship Service, This Church Does Skateboarding

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In this modern era of Charles Finney “make church attractive” atmosphere, we see churches going out of their way to entertain the common folk in order to grow their customer base.

But for teens, this church in Tulsa, OK forsakes the worship service on Sunday mornings altogether in favor of a skateboard play session.

The premise is that “when you skateboard, you fall a lot, and when you fall, you learn to pick yourself back up.”

Sundays from 1-4 we gather around, we do a little bible study, we talk about problems, what stresses you out, do a little prayer requests, and afterwards we go and skate. You don’t have to come to the church setting to like, be a part of skate church.

You know, because who wants to have to get up early to come to church and hear the word of God preached on Sunday morning, right? So boring…

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