Detroit Southern Baptists Come Together to Honor Sex-Trafficking Heretic


God can use anyone or anything for good. That we know. But t is also common knowledge that Martin Luther King Jr. was a heretic who denied the deity of Jesus, participated in orgies, and trafficked women for his own sexual pleasure.

However, we don’t deny that God used Martin Luther King Jr. to propel the United States into a society that rejected the abhorrent practice of slavery and appreciated civil rights. But this does not make him a Christian or a “Christian hero.”

The legacy of Martin Luther King has been exploited in recent days not just for the cause of racism, but also to promote sexually deviant behaviors and acceptance, not just in society, but in the church.

Pastor Roland Caldwell, the vice moderator of the Detroit Baptist Association, hosted the event at Burnette Baptist Church. Mathew Vroman, a white pastor who leads the predominantly black Eastside Community Church (SBC) in Eastpointe helped organize the event.

Continuing the narrative of “white privilege” and “white guilt,” Robert Coverson, a black Southern Baptist pastor that preached at the event said that events like these are vital to display the unity and repentance for the sins of our ancestors.

The current zeitgeist plaguing evangelicalism is the social justice movement, particularly the racial reconciliation movement. Spearheaded by The Gospel Coalition and the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, these social justice outlets have turned the gospel into cultural Marxist crusade to end poverty and perceived injustices at the expense of innocent people based solely on the color of their skin. The assumption is that white people are guilty of the condition that much of the black community is in by mere virtue of skin tone, and the endgame is reparations.

“For the first time in the history of our convention, we came together to celebrate a hero, Dr. King, in a way that broke down some walls,” Coverson said.

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