Planned Parenthood Reports 332,757 Infant Killings in 2018

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Planned Parenthood has long been known as the primary hit-company for unwanted children in the United States. Though the nefarious business has officially declared itself to be a “women’s health” organization and staunchly denied that its primary service is murdering children, Planned Parenthood’s president, Leana Wen admitted that its core mission is “abortion services.”

And that mission is gaining steam, according to the company’s 2018 annual report, Planned Parenthood killed 332,757 babies–11,373 more than in 2017.

Currently, polls in the United States still show that more people are in favor of at least some form of regulation for abortion than none, yet, on January 20, the New York State Senate passed a bill allowing children to be aborted up until birth–virtually no limits. This would include third-trimester children who are perfectly able to survive outside of the womb–one of the largest talking-points of pro-abortion supporters.

Of course, these 2018 statistics from Planned Parenthood don’t include many forms of chemical abortions such as “birth control”–which include hormones that are designed to cause the womb to self-abort a fertilized egg rather than to implant. These fall under the “contraceptive” category.

Christians have long held that life begins at conception, and to allow or support abortion at any stage is a grave offense to the God we serve. It is God who is the giver of life and creatures have no say in the matter. Murder is murder and Planned Parenthood, its employees, and its associates should be held accountable for each and everyone.

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