Baptist Chaplain Named ‘Gay Role Model of the Year’


The influx of sexually deviant behavior into all walks of life is nothing new. It–according to Romans 1–is part of God’s wrath he’s bestowed upon rebellious man. God haters who give up the natural order of creation are given over to their debased minds and perverse passions. And not only do these wicked men and women do these things, they advocate for it, champion it, and shove it down everyone else’s throats.

But it’s a recent phenomenon, really not mainstreamed until the last few decades, that homosexuality is a good and natural thing in the eyes of God. Even the more historically conservative denominations, including the SBC and PCA, are now championing ‘same-sex celibacy’ as though one can still be a homosexual, and as long as they don’t engage in sexual acts with a same-sex partner, they can still live God-honoring lives as unrepentant homosexuals.

But that’s not the worst part. There are some who are so apostate that they have made their personal mission in life to turn the sexually-deviant subculture into a religion–and a religion that names Jesus. Of course, this is blasphemous at it’s core, but one man, Ray Vincent, associate chaplain at the University of South Wales, was given a prestigious award for championing the cause of sodomy.

Vincent, an 83-year-old Welsh Baptist “minister” told iNews that he was “humbled by the award,” and that “the award is something to live up to. It challenges me to be more of an advocate for the acceptance of different sexualities.”

There’s a tendency today to think that everything’s okay because we have same-sex marriage and young people are open in their attitudes today, but it still is an issue, and a lot of churches still haven’t got their act together.

By “act together,” he means, some churches haven’t apostatized like he and his denomination have. While this man may dress in clerical garb and call himself a minister or a chaplain, let’s be clear that people like this are only ministers of Satan–they do not represent the God of Scripture.

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