Kenneth Copeland: We’re Prosperity Agents, We’re Supposed to Have Money

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Kenneth Copeland, one of the most notorious false prophets in modern times is well-known for is charismatic self-help genie-in-a-bottle prosperity-pimping style of preaching. He’s like a magnet for materialistic-minded seekers, the go-to man for seed-faith. The Secret of Christendom. Mind over matter. Say “yes” and believe that God will give-give-give. Money, power, health. Name-it and claim-it.

And he’s rich, for good reason. He never ceases to fleece the very ones he claims to help. A few years ago, he was noted, along with his fellow pimp, Jesse Duplantis, for excusing their purchases of multi-million dollar private jets with ministry funds for the purpose of “private prayer.” Why? Because those “long tubes [commercial jets] are filled with demons.”

In a recent video sermon, Copeland claims that “we are prosperity agents, we’re supposed to have money, we’re supposed to prosper, we’re not supposed to be in debt, we’re supposed to be strong, we’re supposed to be in good health all the time.” He even contends that if you’re not praying for more money than we need, you’re being “stingy.”

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