Despite Proof to the Contrary, SBTS Student, Kyle Howard Continues Anti-White Narrative

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Kyle Howard is a student at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who has made himself famous by being an outspoken critic of “whiteness” and prides himself on being a “racial trauma counselor.” Howard first became popular when he was depicted at a lunch event with Russell Moore of the Ethics and Religous Liberty Commission (ERLC), Beth Moore, Matt Chandler, and others during the 2018 Martin Luther King Conference sponsored by the ERLC.

Photo of Kyle Howard, bottom left, with Southern Baptist leader, Russell Moore and others.

The MLK50 event was essentially a celebration exalting a man who, at best, lived a sexually deviant lifestyle and held to unorthodox, unbiblical theology, as a Christian “hero.” It was this moment that sparked Howard’s internet fame and following–he was to be the face of the anti-white narrative so profusely propagated in evangelical circles now.

Let’s be clear, Howard is a race-baiter. Howard has made it his mission in life to condemn white people for every possible negative coincidence in the world regarding minorities. He’s a instigator of hatred towards white people who pushes for monetary reparations for slavery who insists that all white people, regardless of their history, are by nature guilty of racism by the very merit of simply, well, being white.

And he’s a friend and hero of the evangelical elite.

Below are just a handful of Howard’s racist, anti-white, anti-American tweets over the last year.


It’s not suprising, however, that Howard jumped on the recent bandwagon of condemning the white kids that the media portrayed as “taunting” a native American at the Indigenous People’s March in Washington, DC this past weekend. While video evidence and a statement by the kid the media slandered has completely exonerated him from the accusations of racism and “white nationalism” made against him, Howard continues to twist this narrative.

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Will Howard apologize? No. He will continue to twist the story to fit his narrative of hate, racism, and bigotry.

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