David Taylor: Pastors, If You’re Speaking Evil of Me, Screw You!

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A new cult leader claiming he regularly sees Jesus face to face has a strong message for pastors and discerning Christians who are “speaking evil” against him and turning people away from him.

If you turn people away from seeing Jesus face to face by speaking evil of me and making it like that, trying to make it look like it’s about me, because you know it’s really not about me, I never made my ministry about me, It’s about Jesus. You’re going to give an account for turning people away for the very reason they come to your church. They’re coming for Jesus and not for you idiot! And when you do foolishness like that, God is going to get your butt! You’re going to get gotten, you got me? No, I’m not a regular pastor, so don’t even try to judge me…well, look at the way he talking, he’s not even talking right… Screw you!

Apparently, he can talk this way because he’s “already seen Jesus face to face,” and Christ “backs me because I don’t play games with these religious leaders,” he says, “God ain’t with you, he’s with me.”

“I’m the key holder here on Earth, to the Kingdom…I give him the right to destroy me if I’m lying about him appearing to me,” he blasphemously declares, as though he has the power to give God the “right” to do anything.

Update ** Unfortunately, this video has been removed. We will try to get it back up at some point.

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