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Matt Chandler Endorses Book That Calls For Mixing Christianity With Pagan Mysticism



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Matt Chandler has written the foreword to a new book by Andrew Wilson, pastor of King’s Church in London, UK titled Spirit and Sacrament: An Invitation to EucharismaticWorship. The book is essentially a call to mix Christianity with Pagan spiritualism as well as Montanism–the heresy of “new revelation” that was condemned by the early Church.

Chandler writes,

I wanted the joy and energy of my AOG friend’s church but felt deeply connected to something transcendent in the normal liturgy of my home church…I loved the Apostles’ and Nicene Creeds and longed to take communion weekly, but I also loved watching people come alive in the gifts God had given them, seeing spontaneity in the gathering, and having excited anticipation about what God might do as we gathered…It was around 2003 that I stumbled across my first “Reformed Charismatic.” It was as if I had found a small strand of gold in a dark mine.

He then goes on to endorse what Andrew Wilson envisions as “Eucharismatic Worship,” or a mixing of Christianity with the heresy of charismaticism, stating “God has graciously given us the historic formalities meant to shape us and the wildness of the Spirit!”

Think about the implications of that for a moment. “The wildness of the Spirit.” The Scripture nowhere describes the Holy Spirit as “wild,” but as one who constantly points to Christ. The charismatics, in actuality, blaspheme the Holy Spirit by attributing to Him an ostentatious character and describing Him as an attention whore. It is patently false.

And the “gifts that God had given them” that Chandler and other Montanists refer to are nothing more than a reproduction of Pagan mysticism. These “gifts” are not manifestations of the Holy Spirit moving–things like speaking in tongues (babbling), prophetic utterances, and divine healings at the request of a “healer.” This “wildness” that you see among the charismatic movement is actually rooted in Eastern mysticism and the euphoric manifestations are no different than what you see in the Kundalini Spirit of Hinduism. See the video below:

So while we have highly influential leaders in the visible Church calling for a seduction into this Pagan practice, and calling it “good,” I might admonish you to reject this, mark them who promote it, and avoid these people at all costs. These are not men who should be shepherding God’s people.

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