Anti-Church Hate Group Sets Eyes on R.C. Sproul’s Church

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The controversial anti-church hate group known as Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) has in its cross-hairs St. Andrews, the church founded by the late Dr. R.C. Sproul. The congregation at St. Andrews is now led by Burk Parsons.

AHA has been known for its anti-church rhetoric, threats of violence against pastors and members, and even acts of terror against churches, including a failed attempt at bombing a church. One well-known figure heard of AHA has even suggested tasing pastors while another, Bojidar Marinov called for the bombing of churches.

AHA claims to be a pro-life organization whose mission is to end the slaughter of children in our society–a noble cause for sure. However, in practice, AHA does nothing but harass churches and church leaders. Their premise of action is to “call the church to repent” through their Church Repent program, they regularly assemble in front of churches on Sunday mornings during worship to bullyrag the churchgoers into their own ideological movement.

One AHA member, Anne Marchetti, sent an email to Burk Parsons requesting that he spread their anti-church rhetoric.

We are requesting that you please come take a look at what we’re doing. If we do the footwork and you do the fingerwork of “liking” our page and spreading the word, our legislators will sit up and listen. And even if they refuse to listen, it’s still our duty to raucously decry this injustice committed against the youngest and smallest persons in our community.

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Of course, we can speculate given the group’s history that this “footwork” really means “dire repercussions” for churches and pastors who choose not to go along with their demands. And, apparently St. Andrews’ response to her request set this vicious pack of wolves off.

Andrew Sarnicki was the unlucky pastoral administrative assistant tasked with the fending them off, as he replied as nicely as he possibly could on behalf of the pastoral staff at St. Andrews.


Marchetti took to Facebook to publicly shed her tears amongst her pack, as she just can’t understand why a Bible-believing gospel-teaching church would want nothing to do with an ideological cult like AHA. “I’m disappointed by pastors, once again. I thought they would be excited,” she says, “if it weren’t for the camaraderie I share with fellow sidewalk ministers, I’d be crying now.”

Well, that set them off, causing some to suggest that the church is merely an apostate (they love using that term against non-AHA churches) organization and likened it to an ELCA “social club,” and another to suggest that declaring war against St. Andrews would be the most appropriate response to Sarnicki and the pastoral staff at St. Andrews.

What these ravenous mob-like creatures fail to understand is that the reason nobody wants to work with this has nothing to do with abortion. It has everything to do with them. They set themselves up as apostles who are here to set the church straight because, well, all churches are apostate and stuff unless they’re spending every waking moment proactively opposing abortion from every possible avenue.

I would recommend that Burk Parsons and his pastoral staff spend some time educating their congregation on the deception and seduction of AHA and their ideological movement so that they are prepared when–not if–they show up to picket the church.

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