Catholic Priest Gives Pulpit to Gay Couple to Share Journey on Raising IVF Baby

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Last Sunday, two homosexuals, Alan Nachtigal and Blake Wilson of St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church in Minneapolis, MN were given the pulpit to speak about their journey raising a child, Cohen.

In a blasphemous speech given by Wilson, he mocks Jesus saying,

We were so excited an humbled when JP asked that we would come and talk a little bit about how we decided to baptize Cohen in the Catholic faith. And we thought, well it kinda makes sense because just like Jesus, Cohen also has two dads and he turned out pretty great.

This was followed by laughter and applause by the audience. They then go on to justify their choice to live in rebellion to God while raising their son in the Catholic church. The entire video is extremely disturbing, however, not unexpected given the falsity of the Roman Catholic Church and its tendency to compromise on many forms of sexual deviancy.

Don’t get me wrong, there are just as many so-called evangelical churches that practice sodomy and sexual immorality. However, a church that is true to God’s word would never allow this to happen–and the Roman Catholic Church is not. See the video below.

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