New Research Shows Over Two-Thirds of College Age Adults Stop Going to Church

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While this news shouldn’t be surprising, a new LifeWay Research poll shows that in 2017, 66 percent of college-age and young adults between the ages of 18-30 stopped going to church regularly (twice a month or more) or altogether–down 4 percent from a similar poll taken in 2007.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the massive number of church drop-outs is the methodology of “church growth.” As churches desire to grow, the method and gimmicks tend to ramp up causing a massive influx of young kids who are drawn to the entertainment factor these so-called churches provide, but when they become adults, they are no longer attracted to this stuff. These churches are not producing true converts, they are merely catering to a worldly audience with a watered-down gospel that is far more palatable to a lost audience than a true gospel. In other words, these churches are goat-factories.

Bottom line, Christ’s true church has never once lost a single member. It continues to grow and to spread. But this research is telling of the culture we live in today. The vast majority of people are not interested in God–they are idolaters looking for the next self indulgence.

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