Pro-Life Activist Assaulted, Life Threatened For Saying “Jesus Loves You”


A pro-life activist in Fort Worth Texas gets viciously assaulted by a man for saying “Jesus loves you.” After the assault, Ryan Roberts continues pleading for the lives of unborn children as he spits blood.

The assaulter had a bumper sticker that read “Christ is King.”

“Do you wanna die?” the man asks. “What do you mean?” asks Roberts. “You and your whole family,” the man responds.

The pro-abortion culture is marked by violence and hatred–a self-seeking subculture that loves death and hates God (Proverbs 8:36).

TRENDING:  Abortion Doctor Pulls Into Clinic and Yells "Rape Them and Send Them Here"

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TRENDING:  Abortion Doctor Pulls Into Clinic and Yells "Rape Them and Send Them Here"

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