Principal of Las Vegas Elementary School Sends Email Recommending Sexually Perverted Books for Kindergarteners

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Jacqueline Brown, Principal – Schorr Elementary

The principal of Schorr Elementary School in Las Vegas, NV sent out an email to her staff instructing them how to indoctrinate children in to LGBTQ acceptance.

“Don’t just correct stereotyped beliefs—challenge them,” the emails states, recommending that teachers ask students why they hold to certain beliefs, including religious beliefs, and steering them away from them. “The earlier we expose kids to these issues, the easier it is to address prejudice before it becomes entrenched.”

The email goes on to instruct teachers to “avoid using gender-specific language” and “labels,” such as separate boys and girls bathroom passes.

Be aware that sometimes we use boy-girl language where some kids can’t find a place for themselves. Instead of calling your students to attention with “boys and girls …” get their attention in different ways. For instance, when calling them to line up, choose something that has nothing to do with gender such as, “If you’re wearing green, you may line up.” Or “If your birthday is in June, you may line up.” Refer to them as a collective as in “children,” or “kindergartners.”

But the worst part, however, is the sexually deviant books the principal is recommending the teachers expose these children to. The books included in the list are, Jacobs New Dress, which encourages boys to dress effeminately, The Boy With Pink Hair, which indoctrinates children into accepting homosexuality as “natural” and “normal,” and I am Jazz which normalizes a mental illness that causes little boys to think they’re girls.

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A copy of the email can be seen below.

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