Todd Friel and Phil Johnson Discuss: What Do We Do With Beth Moore?


Host of Wretched Radio, Todd Friel and Executive Director of Grace to You, Phil Johnson, join to discuss the false prophecies of Beth Moore, and why we, as believers should mark and avoid her.

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  1. I am so concerned about people claiming to be doing God’s work, like these two men, getting away with public “one side told” critizising of a well meaning Christian. ItTheir errors are known by mature Christians but they can do so much harm to new Christians and unbelievers.

    Yes God says go… make diciples… but that doesn’t mean only “witness” to people… Jesus says feed and clothe them…He says care for the weak (the orphans, widows etc.).

    You say people cannot hear God’s voice clearly…in their spirit or audibly… Old Testament is full of this… and God does not change…He is “I Am”.

    You say wrestling with God is unBiblical and ungodly? Really? Wow. Read your Old Testament especially.

    You can’t pick and choose scripture to suit your purpose. All scripture is God breathed. Compare scripture with scripture.

    You do such harm to try to nulify the work of God in others He has chosen. Before this warning, you may have not known better. Now you’ve been told.

    Just because you never have had these experiences yourself does not give you God’s authority to judge. What you are doing here is breaking the Commandment of “Do not bear false witness.”

    Romans 14:4 (NIV)
    4Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To their own master, servants stand or fall. And they will stand, for the Lord is able to make them stand

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