Baptists Sit Under Pope to Be Lectured on Pursuing Common Ground

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In a press release last week it was reported that Steve Harmon, a representative of the apostate Baptist World Alliance (BWA) and theology professor at Garder-Webb University visited Rome to advance “common witness” ideology.

According to the report, Harmon visited with the pope to be lectured on “Christian Unity,” where the pope asked him to pray for him. Harmon reports he was “impressed” with the pope’s “genunie joyfulness.”

He also said to us, ‘We must find a way to get together, or they will eat us raw!’ We interpreted this to mean something like, ‘If we don’t find a way to live in unity, the enemies of the gospel will eat us alive!’”

Though the Roman Catholic Church holds to another gospel altogether, the BWA’s continued efforts in ecumenical relationships with Rome seeking “common ground” prove to be nothing more than hot air. There is absolutely no common ground with purveyors of a false gospel. However, this doesn’t stop Harmon from depleting the truth of the gospel to a mere social justice message,

May God help us to find a way to get together, through Jesus Christ our Lord, that the world might be transformed by the good news God has made known in Christ.

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