Alex McFarland Comes Out Against Evangelical Social Justice Movement

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ONE NEWS NOW – Liberal social justice politics is overwhelming the Millennial culture – even within the Church. That’s the sad conclusion of a noted Christian lecturer and apologist.

For more than 70 years, the Urbana student conference – hosted by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship – has helped young people find their missional calling and has been fairly orthodox in its theology. But things took a bit of a dark turn on the morning of Day 4 at Urbana 18 in December, as students were shown a video called “Litany.”

Narrator: “Throughout history, Babylon has tempted the church with her promise: comfort, luxury, control. And too often we, the Church, have been deceived. We have believed Babylon, and each time the result has been despair and destruction. Come, let me show you what we have done.”

“Our theology helped birth segregation, subjugation, and genocide …. We did this. How could we have been so blind?”

What proceeded was indeed a litany – a parade of horribles from Martin Luther’s anti-Semitism in the 16th Century to the so-called #ChurchToo movement of modern day.

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Alex McFarland

Noted Christian apologist and youth speaker Dr. Alex McFarland says the conference is borrowing a page from the secular social justice movement. “It’s revisionist history, it’s reductionistic,” he states, “and it tries to give ownership and guilt for the sins of certain individuals and groups to the entire church.”

He calls the philosophy “unbiblical” and “anti-Christian” and notes Church history, for the most part, has been honoring to Christ and Christ’s cause.

“[But] for sex abuse scandals in certain churches, for the owning of slaves and human trafficking – I will not take ownership of that. I haven’t done any of those things,” he shares.


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