DC Comis Presents Jesus as New Superhero Who Teams Up With Pagan Sun-Man To ‘Correct the World’s Mutilation of His Gospel’

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Disclaimer: The following is not an endorsement of the comic book series, its authors, or it’s promoters, and should not be construed as such.

WORLD RELIGION NEWS – Jesus Christ is the new superhero in the DC Comics canon. The founder of Christianity will be introduced by DC Vertigo as a brand new superhero in Second Coming, an upcoming series and the latest offering from the DC pantheon. The series will show Christ joining with Sun-Man and forming a team. Second Coming is set to go on sale on March 6.

DC Vertigo has released the plot summary of the soon-to-be-released series on its website. As per the lore, the reader will witness Christ’s second coming. The founder of Christianity was ordered by God to return to Earth. He will then be mankind’s true Messiah by being roommates with Sun-Man, another all-powerful superhero. The Vertigo imprint describes Sun-Man as Last Son of Krispex.

The comic will show how shocked Jesus Christ becomes when he sees how his gospel has mutated beyond recognition, and he is now on Earth to push it to the correct path. Mark Russell wrote the Second Coming. He has prior experience in disseminating religious concepts in bite-sized morsels, having authored the book God is Disappointed in You, regarded as the Bible’s condensed version.

For Russell, creating a comic with Christ as the centerpiece was something he long wanted to do. He was soaked in Christianity from his childhood, having grown up in the proximity of the church and attending Christian schools. He also believes modern-day congregations misrepresent Jesus Christ. He has a particular grouse against the many megachurches which have cropped up in the United States within the last few years. According to him, the megachurches regard Christ as nothing more than a “mascot on t-shirts to prove they’re on the winning team.”

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