Men Who Identify As Women Are Urged to Be Tested For Cervical Cancer in British Public Health Brochure

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When you think things simply can’t get any crazier when it comes to the sick world of sexual deviancy, sodomy, and “transgenderism,” one can only facepalm when a government health agency puts out a brochure inviting biological men to be regularly screened for cervical cancer–because, you know, men who identify as women will also identify their inner male parts as female parts, and who wants to offend them?

In a 24-page brochure put out by Public Health England, the agency lays out its information for its NHS screening program, to which it offers certain health screenings to people who identify as “transgender.”

On page 13 of the brochure, the agency offers cervical screenings to “transgender men” who are registered with a general practitioner as a woman. It states that transgender men don’t need the screening, because they “don’t [obviously] have a cervix,” however, if you’re registered with your doctor as a woman, they’re still going to invite you, unless you or your doctor tell them otherwise.

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