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False Teacher, TD Jakes, Lays Hands on Lamborghini Pastor Who Cheated on Wife



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Last week, we reported on the South Carolina pastor who gifted his wife a 200 thousand dollar Lamborghini. John Gray, a former associate of Joel Osteen, began receiving media attention when he told his congregation to “take whatever they need” from the offering basket.

Shortly after this, the Word of Faith mountebank admitted to spending the last two years trying to hold his marriage together after his wife found out he was cheating on her. “They didn’t see the tears. They didn’t see the times when one of us [John] was sleeping on the couch.”

As it is with most charismatic prosperity gospel pimps who are in the game for the money, when they fall, they lose income, and they need to be picked back up. It happens every time. So it’s no surprise that within two days of Gray admitting his adulterous affairs in front of his congregation (which by the way is a disqualifying offense for a pastor) while never stepping down, none other than the KING and master of all prosperity pimps, the spiritual “daddy” of the Word of Faith whoredom, T.D. Jakes steps in to reestablish Gray’s credibility.

Jakes, an unorthodox non-Trinitarian false teacher took to the floor to “annoint” and “bless” John Gray, and to reassure him that, contrary to Scripture, he is called to ministry and gifted to do so.

Rambling on and on about “bitterness” and “betterness” and “bitter” and “better,” Jakes insists on “opening this up in public” about Gray’s supposed suicidal thoughts (which, by the way, victimization is a common diversion tactic of adulterous charismatics) stating that he couldn’t just sit over there and “let it fester,”

Especially, you said it in a joking way, but especially with the spirit of suicide hanked around your house trying to get you back….

Jakes then goes into a frenzy, grabbing Gray’s head and apparently trying to force this “demon” out of him.

See the video below:

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