Kenneth Copeland: “The Lord Told Me I Will Preach Until I’m 120”


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Pseudo-religious leaders have been watering down the gospel since the institution of the religion of God at the fall of Adam. Inarguably, however, the most disgusting heresy that’s entered the Church of modern times is continuationism. What’s the difference between the self-proclaimed false prophets plaguing the poor in Africa and the rich do-wells of America? Nothing.

Kenneth Copeland, one of the most notorious false prophets in modern times is well-known for is charismatic self-help genie-in-a-bottle prosperity-pimping style of preaching. He’s like a magnet for materialistic-minded seekers, the go-to man for seed-faith. The Secretof Christendom. Mind over matter. Say “yes” and believe that God will give-give-give. Money, power, health. Name-it and claim-it.

And he’s rich, for good reason. He never ceases to fleece the very ones he claims to help. A few years ago, he was noted, along with his fellow pimp, Jesse Duplantis, for excusing their purchases of multi-million dollar private jets with ministry funds for the purpose of “private prayer.” Why? Because those “long tubes [commercial jets] are filled with demons.”

Most recently, he now claims that “God told him” he’d live to be 120 years old so he could preach.

I want to tell you something the Lord said to me. Um. I’ve gone into a very…how can I say this…more than just a little exercise program. And I’m in very serious training. Praise God. And I’m working very hard. And I heard this. He said, “Kenneth, I sacrificed my body for yours.” He said, “now you are sacrificing your body, for mine.” I didn’t want to do that. But then I had a mandate for me. Should the Lord tarry? I will live to preach this gospel until I’m 120 years old. There’s no in-between here. And you can’t do that sitting around doing nothing. I tried. That don’t work. Amen.

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