These Are My Kids – What Would Your Aborted Children Have Looked Like?


At forty years of age, my wife and I now have four children. Our youngest is two, our twins are five, and our oldest is seven. When we were first married, we didn’t know what we were getting into, and we certainly didn’t have a clue about parenting. We were both stubbornly rebellious in our faith–my wife being a Roman Catholic and me being a Baptist church drop-out.

After a while, we both came to know God through the life-giving blood of Jesus Christ–but we were still clueless. We had our first kid, and things were tough. We gave it a year and then decided we’d have one more. Well, it didn’t work out that way, as God had other plans. He gave us twins.

After we found out my wife was pregnant with twins, per standard protocol, we were referred to a “high risk” OB/GYN where we were hastily informed by the doctor of the risks associated with twin pregnancies and were told that if we were not comfortable with the risks, we should consider “terminating the pregnancy.”

This was a thought that never crossed either of our minds, and we were certainly caught off guard by this. Of course, in our minds, this was not an option–at all. And we immediately informed him of that. Nevertheless, he insisted that we consider it. We didn’t.

About 5 months into the pregnancy, we were informed, by this same doctor, that one of our twins, Bethany, on the far left of the image above, had a serious congenital heart defect–a rare condition, especially for an identical twin. She would need to have life-saving surgery immediately upon delivery, and remain in the hospital cardiac ICU for two weeks after. We couldn’t help but wonder if the doctor thought we should have just considered the “termination” — but it was too late.

It was around that time that we decided to get into abortion clinic ministry and shortly after the twins were born and our daughter’s life saved, we began visiting the local clinic to spread the gospel and biblical truth to others who are there to–let’s just be clear–murder their child.

We now look back, even with the addition of another little boy since then, and notice how horrific the entire abortion industry is. It begins in the selfish hearts of the mothers and is perpetuated by an industrial complex beginning at the local physician level and funded by activist groups that lobby the government for legislation making it easier. It’s a sick, Satanic system for sure.

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But one thing is for sure, when we look into the faces of our beautiful children, no matter how difficult and trying they are, we see the Image of God and the blessing He has bestowed upon us. Knowing that God knew them before they were conceived and that he formed them in the womb to give to us to raise and nurture–how can anyone even for a moment think about terminating such a wonder gift?

These are my kids? What would your aborted children have looked like?

Left to Right: Addyson, Daniel, Bethany, Lydia

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