Apple Discriminates Against Christian Ministry, Caves to Militant Homosexual Activists

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The corporate dictator, Apple, has discriminated against a small Christian ministry by pulling an app from its app store after being bullied by a national sodomite activist group that it says the app “falsely portrayed being gay as an “addiction,” “sickness,” and “sin.”

The anti-religious freedom group Truth Wins Out launched a petition last week demanding Apple pull the app from its store. With only 356 supporters as of Friday, Dec 28, the militant homosexual activist group was able to claim “victory” over Living Hope Ministries, who say they developed the app as a discipleship aid for Christians struggling with homosexual temptation and seeking accountability.

Executive Director of the Ministry and former homosexual, Ricky Chelette, according to NBC News said, “We help people understand who they are in Christ. We only help those individuals who are seeking us.”

Militant homosexual activists are becoming more emboldened, louder, and more vocal as the days go by. Backed by a recent turn in evangelicalism toward “gay Christianity” which many of its advocates claim that homosexual orientation cannot be changed regardless of your faith, small, historically orthodox Christian ministries such as these have little ground to stand on.

It’s merely a matter of time–if, not when–Bible-believing Christians will no longer have any protections under the law and our freedoms of thought and speech will be swept right out from under us. For now, Chelette says they will continue to offer the app under alternative mediums and plan to challenge Apple’s decision to remove the app from their store.

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