Pentecostal Preacher Solicits Sex From Prostitute, Realizes it’s a Man, Pulls Gun, Charged With Assault

[The Advocate – Gretna, LA] A Pentecostal pastor from Gretna said he plans to vigorously defend himself against allegations he illegally pointed a pistol to take back cash from a transgender sex worker following a botched tryst last month.

Wilfred Brown, who is 67 and describes himself as the pastor of Evariste Temple Church of God in Christ, faces counts of aggravated assault and soliciting prostitution in the Nov. 20 incident, while Brandon Smalls, 29 — who goes by the first name Kourtney — is accused of simple robbery. 

Authorities investigating the case believe Brown was driving his car in New Orleans and picked up Smalls about 10:30 p.m. Brown stopped near Decatur Street and Esplanade Avenue “in an apparent attempt to solicit Smalls to engage (in) performing sexual acts,” according to a state trooper’s report on the arrests.

At some point, Smalls “forcibly took a substantial amount of money” Brown had in a front pocket of his pants, according to records.

There was a fight, and Brown took his money back after pointing a 9-mm pistol at Smalls, the report said.

State troopers helping New Orleans police patrol the area got on the case after Smalls called 911 and reported being chased down the street by a gunman. Brown and Smalls were then interviewed separately, with Brown being pulled over as he was apparently driving away from the area. 

As he previously told police, Brown on Monday told The Advocate that he pulled out his gun only after being punched and robbed of as much as $370 by Smalls.

He said the robbery happened when he generously gave Smalls a ride on a cold night and stopped the car to have a conversation.

Brown said the allegations outlined in Criminal District Court records were “not true” and that he “would sue … for this false accusation” if necessary.

“I’m a diabetic and have high blood pressure. I’m not going to do something like that,” Brown said.

Authorities alleged in court records that Brown’s pants were unzipped when a trooper pulled him over. They said an opened condom had been tossed on the ground near his truck, and in his back pocket he had a bottle of Viagra, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction. 

According to police, Smalls claimed Brown stopped his car, put on a condom to begin initiating a sexual encounter and then became enraged upon realizing Smalls was born male.

Brown then chased Smalls out of the car as well as down the street at gunpoint, police said, citing Smalls’ version of events. 

Both were arrested that night. Brown was out on $500 bail Monday. Criminal District Court records do not show any prior arrests for him.


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