Pastor Asks Forgiveness For Firing Warning Shot That Saved His Life From Violent Attacker

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A pastor asks forgiveness from his community after he fired warning shots in the air to fend off an attacker who was trespassing on his church’s property and began to violently beat him. “He could have killed me,” he says. Yet, in the midst of the kerfuffle, the pastor reached in his pocket, pulled out his handgun, and while laying on the ground fighting for his life, fires a warning shot into the air.

The fact that someone feels the need to ask for forgiveness for this, let’s call it what it actually is, an act of mercy, is telling of the liberalism plaguing our society today. The man was fighting for his life, he had the right to shoot and kill, but in an act of mercy, only fires a warning shot into the air, causing the attacker to scramble to his vehicle and take off.

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