Seeker-Sensitive Pastor Rebukes Seeker Sensitive Movement

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Andy Stanley, the notorious seeker-sensitive Scripture-twisting gospel-denying false teaching senior pastor and founder of Northpoint Church in Atlanta has rebuked the seeker-sensitive movement, stating “it won’t get them back.”

This is quite a revelation coming from the king of, well, seeker-sensitivity. Stanley has been on an endless tirade against the authority of the Scriptures, claiming that the Bible is not the foundation of the Christian faith, it contains errors, and is next to impossible to defend.

Evangelicals have historically held to the inerrancy and final authority of the Scriptures and have upheld the Scriptures as the true utterances of the Holy Spirit.

Scripture is the Holy Spirit’s school where everything we need to know is taught and where nothing is taught that is unnecessary.”

John Calvin

Even though the Bible is an ancient document, every person in every situation in every society that’s ever existed can find in this book things that endure forever. Here’s a book that never needs another edition. It never needs to be edited, never has to be updated, is never out of date or obsolete. It speaks to us as pointedly and directly as it ever has to anyone in any century since it was written. It’s so pure that it lasts forever.

John MacArthur

However, Stanley’s denunciation of biblical authority has led him to be one of the (if not the) most seeker-sensitive leaders in all of Christendom, stating that even if you never come to know Jesus as your savior, you can still have a better life by following his commandments. Stanley has also denounced small churches, stating that if you don’t take your children to a big church where they have lots of programs and attractions, you’re just a “stinking selfish” parent.

The complete lack of self-awareness that Stanley displays in this latest tweet is mind-boggling, as Stanley himself once preached:

We started a different kind of church 20 years ago. We wanted to be a little more raw and create more community. No more steeples, stained glass, pews and long sermons. A lot of what we do in church has changed. Whether you know this or not, we have been on the cutting edge here of creating church environments. Now our worship environments don’t have natural light, we want flashing lights and smoke and stuff. The church in America has changed and it’s changing. Maybe the best part of all is that you don’t to wear a tie or heels to church. You can come just as you are as if you just woke up, like some of you did today.

Andy Stanley – Why doesn’t everybody in America go to church?

Stanley has most recently been under fire for his push to “unhitch” the Old Testament from their faith.

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