Jesus’ Virtue of Responsibility

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And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written, “KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.” –Revelation 19:16

As I prepare myself for marriage I have been reflecting a lot on biblical manhood. I have read many books and listened to many sermons from so many men who have added great treasures of knowledge to this topic. Voddie Baucham, Paul Washer, John Piper, John Macarthur, R. Kent Hughes, and Thomas Watson have been great influences of mine in regards to biblical manhood not to mention I had a father who was faithful to my mother and raised me to be a gentleman. Through all the years of studying the topic of Christian manhood, I have found three virtues that stand out the most: Courage, Self-denial, and Responsibility.

We can not talk about biblical masculinity without considering the one who was the perfect man, Jesus Christ. To call Jesus the Mount Everest of all men in biblical manhood is an insult to our Lord. Jesus cannot be compared with any man, He outshines all. It seems to me that the virtue of Christ’s responsibility gets neglected. We are always praising Him for so many wonderful things that He has done like dying for us and healing the sick, yet have we ever considered what the world would be like if Jesus was irresponsible?

Imagine if Christ just forgot for one day to hold all things together (Col 1:17). Imagine if Jesus just forgot to intercede on our behalf bore God (Romans 8:34). Imagine if the God-man was irresponsible with His words? If Christ were guilty of any of these faults the universe could not exist and we would all be doomed.

Thankfully Christ is not a man like me. He is Almighty God who never changes and never sleeps. He stands ever ready to defend His Bride and uphold this whole world. For this reason, any theology that would dare suggest a Christian could lose their salvation is ridiculous and downright blasphemous against our responsible Savior. In John 10:28, Jesus says:

I give them eternal life, and they will never perish, and no one will snatch them out of my hand.

If you believe Jesus could lose one of His Saints when He specifically says He cannot, then what hope do you have that Christ is capable of fulfilling any one of His responsibilities? If Jesus’ words in John 10:28 fail, then who’s to say that He will not fail in holding this world together? How then can you trust any of God’s promises at all? Can you trust in the uniformity of nature if the only foundation for such a principle is found in the word of God? Can you trust in biblical ethics? Arminianism naturally leads a person into absurdity. Thankfully Arminianism is untrue and Christ indeed is sovereign over all. He is the responsible King, let’s take a moment and appreciate it.

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