Bold as a Lion: Repentance and Boldness

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The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion. — Proverbs 28:1

Christian, what is the harbinger of fear in your life? Why are you frightened by the notion of calling out sin? Why does the very thought of speaking the word “repent” cause you to shutter? Is it because you are living a life of compromise?

The Church of Christ is called to be a city on a hill. The upholder of the light that shines in the darkness. We have been given the responsibility to proclaim the Gospel to this world. I fear that the Church today has lost her sting because her members are compromised with sin.

The Bible equates our personal courage with righteousness. Only the righteous man can live fearlessly like a lion. Why is this? Because a righteous man is at peace with God.

Should someone who is friends with the Almighty really fear anything? The God who has every intention to crush the wicked passes over the man who walks in righteousness.

Christian, you must remember that peace with God was won for you on the cross. You in yourself are not righteous at all. You stand condemned because of your sin, that no works you bring ultimately satisfies God.

Jesus was the only righteous man. He paid for your wicked deeds. You are made righteous in the Father’s sight because of the death and resurrection of Christ. Therefore we must repent and trust in the saving work of Christ on the cross.

What follows from a repentant heart is a changed heart. A heart longing to be obedient. Repentance with no desire for obedience is an imposter. Someone cannot behold the beauty of Christ and still remain content with their wicked estate. Paul said perfectly in Romans 6, “What shall we say then? Are we to continue in sin that grace may abound? By no means! How can we who died to sin still live in it?”

However, we are not alone in our quest of obedience. Christ has sent us the Helper, the Holy Spirit, to strengthen us in our weakness. To enable us to do that which is pleasing to God (John 16:7).

He has also blessed us with the ordinance of prayer. Pray that God would change your heart. That the Holy Spirit would sanctify you of all your dirty desires. As Peter asked God to grant to your servants to continue to speak your word with all boldness (Acts 4:19) let that also be your prayer.

The kind of boldness that makes young men face the trials we are presented with is not found in a Jesuit form of meditation. It is a gift granted to us by a Father seeking the glory of His own name. True bravery can only come from God and from God alone. It is born in the labor of repentance. God stirs repentance in the hearts of His saints. He gives us the grace of shame for our cowardice and shows us the cross.

Who can live in fear knowing that God, who has every right to smite them down, chose to strike Christ on their behalf? If you are afraid then repent of your sin. Remember that Christ has risen from the dead and established our peace with God.

Grace and Peace.

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