Adherences and Bylaws of Reformation Charlotte

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The name of this organization shall be “Reformation Charlotte” This can be shortened to “RefCLT” for various publications.


Christ commanded His followers to go into the world proclaiming the gospel to make disciples who will observe all of His law. Christ reigns as Lord and commands people everywhere to repent of their lawlessness and sin. To this effect, Reformation Charlotte is a group of believers under the authority of local bible-believing churches who are united to confront the culture of sin with the gospel of Jesus Christ for the glory of Jesus Christ through the means of open-air preaching, street evangelism, etc.


Reformation Charlotte hold to the cherished doctrines of the biblical and reformed Christian faith as outlined in the Three Forms of Unity, Westminster Standards, or the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith. Since we believe that the power is in the gospel, under no circumstances will we partner with professing Christians, such as Roman Catholics, Jehova’s Witnesses, or Mormons, who hold to a false Gospel (2 Corinthians 6:14-16).


  1. All membership in Reformation Charlotte is voluntary. While membership and participation in Reformation Charlotte events and outreaches is voluntary, members will be expected and encouraged to participate as often as they can.
  2. Membership in the Local church: God has not called us to be lone rangers doing ministry apart from the context of the local church. To this end, members of Reformation Charlotte must be born-again and a member in good standing of a local bible believing church. Any person who is brought under church discipline by their local church must step down from P82 Ministries until all disciplinary issues have been resolved.
  3. Members must be Trinitarian and hold to justification by grace alone through faith alone. While Reformation Charlotte operates intentionally from a Reformed and Confessional perspective, members do not have to agree on every article of the Reformed confessions. Members, however, will not preach or speak in opposition to these confessions while working together with P82 Ministries.
  4. Members of Reformation Charlotte will seek to live their life under the authority of Christ and his commands. Members are representatives of Christ first and foremost.
  5. Because membership in Reformation Charlotte is voluntary, members may leave the ministry at any point for any reason. Leadership of Reformation Charlotte also will reserve the right to remove any member at any time for failing to follow the requirements of membership.

Please consider supporting our ministry financially with a donation to help cover the expenses of travel, sound permitting and equipment, printed materials, and various other costs associated with our ministry of taking the gospel to darkest areas of Charlotte, NC and beyond.

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