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White Pastor Raps to Black Congregation

White pastor trying to be “relevant” to his audience raps a remix of Drake’s “God’s Plan”

Charles Spurgeon predicted that there would become a time when entertaining goats would be the mainstream of the visible church. That time is here, and has been here for a long time. But it does seem to continually get worse.

In a tawdry display of fatuity, one pastor–a white guy–who apparently needs to attract more people to what appears to be a half-empty set of pews, took the stage to “rap” a remix of Drake’s God’s Plan to what also appears to be a predominately black audience.

The foolishness it takes to believe this has anything to do with the gospel is mind-boggling. I suppose this is just what one should expect from our modern church.

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Besides the fact that Jory Micah is a anti-Christian nitwit…
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