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Jory Micah: I Started Preaching When I Was 13

Besides the fact that Jory Micah is a anti-Christian nitwit who knows absolutely nothing about sound theology, biblical Christianity, or her role as a wife in her marriage (she wears the pants, apparently), she regularly incites vitriol on social media against bible-believing Christians and refers to herself as a “pastor” of a feminist “church” she started.

Recently, she joined the conservative pundit, Jesse Lee Peterson’s show via Skype to talk about her “ministry” to which she explained she started “preaching at 5-years-old to her baby doll,” jokingly, then clarified that she was “called” to preaching ministry at 13.

Let’s just be real for a minute though. First off, God doesn’t call women to preaching ministry. Period. Never. Nada. It’s contrary to His Word. If he called women to preaching ministry, they would have to preach against themselves. It’s a self-defeating conundrum. It’s a lie.

But lets take it a step further. God also doesn’t call unregenerate feminists, male or female, (yes, men can be feminists, just look at The Gospel Coalition), who know absolutely nothing about what it means to be a Christian, to preach His Word.

Jory Micah is a social justice activist, a man-hating feminist who opposes God-ordained patriarchy, an LGBTQ activist, and a gospel-denying anti-Christ. She is not a Christian. She is in rebellion to God.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, you can see the video of Micah’s drivel below.

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